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Guide to App-Game Marketing!

There are 3 Million + combined iOS and Android apps on the stores, and that number can feel like a Mount Everest that you, as a mobile app developer, have to climb to have success.

Inside this guide we have collected all the mobile app marketing recommendations from  past blog posts. These great strategies will strengthen your connection with your customers and provide you with invaluable feedback.

Don’t forget: a great marketing strategy may help a weak app have more success than a strong one.

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To your success!


Entrepreneurs Guide To Focus

Focus: What It Is and How it Works

First things first. What is focus, really? Experts define focus as the act of concentrating your interest or activity on something. That’s a somewhat boring definition, but there is an important insight hiding inside that definition.

What is Focus?

In order to concentrate on one thing you must, by default, ignore many other things.

Here’s a better way to put it:

Focus can only occur when we have said yes to one option and no to all other options. In other words, elimination is a prerequisite for focus.

As the saying goes, “What you don’t do determines what you can do.”

It’s so easy to lose focus, and become susceptible to being busy but not productive.

Sometimes we miss deadlines and unfortunately we even put off important things and then we wonder where our concentration has gone.

As an entrepreneur, you have a lot on your plate. Staying focused can be tough with a constant stream of employees, clients, emails, and phone calls demanding your attention. Amid the noise, understanding your brain’s limitations and working around them can improve your focus and increase your productivity.

Successful entrepreneurship and productive leadership require a sharp focus and high effectiveness.

So how do you cultivate great concentration and improve your focus?

Focus and concentration can be difficult to master. Sure, most people want to learn how to improve focus and boost concentration. But actually doing it? We live in a noisy world and constant distractions can make focus difficult.

Better focus means better work, calmer days and more free time. The down side? There isn’t one.

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Beginner’s Guide to Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a spiritual healing art with its roots in Japanese origin. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy”.

Reiki is not affiliated with any particular religion or religious practice. It is not massage nor is it based on belief or suggestion. It is a subtle and effective form of energywork using spiritually guided life force energy.

Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things.

Where does it come from?

Reiki, as it is practiced in the U.S. today, dates back to the teachings of Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 1920’s.

Reiki Practitioners understand that everyone has the ability to connect with their own healing energy and use it to strengthen energy in themselves and help others. It is believed that a person’s “ki” or energy should be strong and free flowing. When this is true a person’s body and mind is in a positive state of health. When the energy becomes weak or blocked it could lead to symptoms of physical or emotional imbalance.

What is Reiki used to Treat?

Reiki is a great tool for stress reduction and relaxation. Many people use Reiki for wellness. Reiki is not a cure for a disease or illness, but it may assist the body in creating an environment to facilitate healing. Reiki is a great tool to use as a complement to traditional medicine and is practiced in many hospitals and medical care settings.

To your good health

Reiki is meant to be used as a complement to traditional care or as a personal relaxation or stress reducing tool. It is not a substitute for qualified medical or traditional care.

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How to Get Anything You Want ….

How to Get Anything You Want By Using 3 Mind Power Techniques

Have you ever said, “I’ll believe it when I see it?” Isn’t that what we usually say when someone tells us something extraordinary? Do we need to see it for ourselves?

Well, guess what? It’s true. You DO only believe what you see, but it’s not only with your physical eyes. You believe only what you see with your inner eyes as well.

What are your inner eyes? It’s the eyes your mind—your imagination. It’s the visual part of your brain that is always creating images and stories that you come to believe whether good or bad. Whether positive or negative. Whether helpful or destructive.

Your beliefs create your reality, and your beliefs are the result of what you see.

Therefore, when you can see something with the eyes of your mind, you’ll believe it. When that happens power is released—your personal power.

Harnessing the Power of Your Mind. The Power of Positive Thinking. Your mind is a powerful tool.
As with any tool, how effective it is depends upon how it is used.

Learning to use the great and amazing power of your thoughts to manifest your life’s purpose and fulfill your goals is a primary reason that many people explore the subject of consciousness.

Napoleon Hill once stated that “goals are dreams with deadlines.” Manifesting your dreams and fulfilling your life’s purpose is an important reason to use the tools and techniques of meditation to harness the power of your mind and make it work for your benefit in your life.

The choice is yours. The time to activate the awesome power of your mind to live the life you have always envisioned is NOW. It is your life and your power to master.

Become the Powerful Person You Are to Get What You Most Want Out of Life

My advice would be to start thinking, really thinking, where it is you would like to be heading and take affirmative action to that end.

Start now! Remember, many people only realize the true value of time after it has gone…!

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3 Mind Power Techniques

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The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction can be understood by understanding that ‘like attracts like’. What this means is that whether we realize it or not, we are responsible for bringing both positive and negative influences into our lives.

A key part of the Law of Attraction is understanding that where you place your focus can have an intense impact on what happens to you. If you spend your days wallowing in regrets about the past or fears of the future, you’ll likely see more negativity appearing, but if you look for the silver lining in every experience then you’ll soon start to see positivity surrounding you every day.

Therefore, the Law of Attraction encourages you to see that you have the freedom to take control of how your future develops, shaping it in the ways you choose.

When you learn how to use the many powerful and practical tools associated with the Law of Attraction, you can start living and thinking in a more optimistic way that is specifically designed to attract even more positive events and experiences.

The Law of Attraction is the idea that thoughts become things. In other words, what you believe is what comes to pass. If you believe you will be healthy, wealthy and successful, then you will be.
The law is simply this: We attract whatever we think about, good or bad.

We are all creators, and we all deserve to live an inspired life. The Law of Attraction is a beautiful tool that enables us to consciously put our creative powers to use! In the words of George Bernard Shaw, “Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.”

“What is the Law of Attraction? How does the Law of Attraction actually work?”

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Mobile App Marketing Guide

A Simple Guide To Mobile App Marketing

Is there an idea bubbling in the back of your head for an app that just has to be created? But, then, perhaps you’re thinking, “why create an app just to enter a marketplace already crammed with over a million apps? Is it even possible to get your app noticed any more?”

In the past, just getting your app in the App Store or Google Play store meant it would be discovered and get downloads.

Fart apps were a gold mine. Fingerprint scanners were crushing the top charts. A flashlight app blew everyone’s mind!

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a tiny bit, but my point is that life was easy for app developers back then.

Now it’s a different ball game. The market is saturated. Quality is paramount and even if you do build a top quality mobile app there’s no guarantee it will be found.

Mobile app marketing isn’t an option any more, it’s absolutely essential.

The good news is there are mobile app marketing strategies that you can implement for free. And they can be super effective if done well.

The mobile app industry is booming, and since the one-million-app mark was reached in late 2011, the competition to get your app noticed in the marketplace is fierce. However, there is space for your app, and, if marketed correctly, your app can and will succeed.

No matter how successful you are at marketing your apps, the job is never done. The mobile app environment is dynamic and always changing. Your app marketing team should continuously meet and plan for future updates, changes, and ways to keep consumers engaged and loyal.

It is also important to establish a feedback loop with consumers to monitor and understand the changes in attitudes regarding your app and other competing apps.

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Becoming a Teacher

Why Consider Becoming a Teacher?

Every teacher devotes his or her life to education for reasons as individual to them as any other part of their identity. Still, it usually isn’t the money, and it isn’t the long summer vacation.

Reasons for becoming a teacher are deeper than that, and while they are personal, they are almost all united by the desire to impact peoples’ lives.

There is a demand for great teachers everywhere and a person is called to become a teacher in response to that need.

So, what’s calling you? Why do you want to teach?

Essentially, becoming a teacher lets you improve the quality of education take part in shaping the next generation.

Why be a teacher today?

Because it’s challenging. Because it’s never boring. Because it’s important. Because our democracy depends on what happens in our schools.

People find different reasons and rewards for becoming teachers.

– They teach because they find fulfillment in imparting their knowledge of a subject to an eager new audience.

– They teach because they love the interaction with children and watching the signs of understanding appear on a child’s face.

– They teach because they have such dedication to a particular subject that teaching it to others is a natural way to further own interest in it while getting others to love it as well.

– They teach because they were inspired by a teacher while they were in school and want to become that kind of teacher to their own students.

– They teach because they want to make a difference in the world by making a difference in a child’s life.

If you recognize yourself in any of those statements, if you want to touch the future, then teaching is the profession for you.

Convinced yet?

Teaching isn’t for just anybody. But if the classroom is calling, you may just have what it takes—compassion, generosity and a dedication to positively influencing the lives of others. The world needs more people like you.
Pursue your passions and turn your love of children into a meaningful career.

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Break Bad Habits Now!

Bad Habits: Why We Can’t Stop?

Habits run our daily life. Pretty much everything you do is based on a habit you’ve developed at some point in your life.

Some habits are helpful, while others can also work against you. Even worse – there are a few “bad habits” that can have a negative, long-term impact on your capacity to live a fulfilling life.

Bad habits interrupt your life and prevent you from accomplishing your goals. They jeopardize your health — both mentally and physically. And they waste your time and energy.
Recognizing the causes of your bad habits is crucial to overcoming them.

You don’t eliminate a bad habit, you replace it.

All of the habits that you have right now — good or bad — are in your life for a reason. In some way, these behaviors provide a benefit to you, even if they are bad for you in other ways.

Fortunately, it is possible to eliminate a negative routine – all you need is a plan-of-action.

First. Identify the Habit Routine

All habits have actions and thoughts that occur beforehand. The cue is the trigger that creates a craving to get a reward. The routine is the action you take to satisfy this impulse. The reward is the satisfaction you feel from following this routine or it’s the removal of stress that the cue created.

Here’s a simple way to start: just track how many times per day your bad habit happens. Put a piece of paper in your pocket and a pen. Each time your bad habit happens, mark it down on your paper. At the end of the day, count up all of the tally marks and see what your total is.

In the beginning your goal isn’t to judge yourself or feel guilty about doing something unhealthy or unproductive. The only goal is to be aware of when it happens and how often it happens. Wrap your head around the problem by being aware of it. Then, you can start to implement the ideas in this article and break your bad habit.

Breaking bad habits takes time and effort, but mostly it takes perseverance. Most people who end up breaking their bad habits try and fail multiple times before they make it work. You might not have success right away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have it at all.

Just remember that changing bad habits requires a daily commitment. Work hard to stay focused, but don’t agonize over every failure. The important thing is to keep at it and learn from each impulse or trigger.

Why are bad habits so hard to break?
What causes bad habits?
How to break a bad habit
What can we do?
Where to go from here

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Assertiveness Stand Up Guide!

What Is Assertiveness?

First of all, It’s not always easy to identify truly assertive behavior. This is because there is a fine line between assertiveness and aggression. Some definitions are helpful when trying to separate the two:

Assertiveness is based on balance. It requires being forthright about your wants and needs while still considering the rights, needs, and wants of others. When you are assertive, you ask for what you want but you don’t necessarily get it.

Aggressive behavior is based on winning. It requires that you do what is in your own best interest without regard for the rights, needs, feelings or desires of others. When you are aggressive, you take what you want regardless, and you don’t usually ask.

Assertiveness is a skill regularly referred to in social and communication skills training. Being assertive means being able to stand up for your own or other people’s rights in a calm and positive way, without being either aggressive, or passively accepting ‘wrong’.

It’s the ability to speak up for ourselves in a way that is honest and respectful. Every day, we’re in situations where being assertive can help us — like asking someone on a date, approaching a teacher with a question, or doing well on a job or college interview.

Being assertive doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Some people communicate in a way that is too passive. Other people have a style that is too aggressive. An assertive style is the happy medium between these two.

Here’s what it means to be assertive:

• You can give an opinion or say how you feel.
• You can ask for what you want or need.
• You can disagree respectfully.
• You can offer your ideas and suggestions.
• You can say no without feeling guilty.
• You can speak up for someone else.
• Why Does It Matter?

An assertive communication style can help us do the things we want to do. But it goes further than that: Being assertive shows we respect ourselves and other people.

Do you consider yourself to be assertive?
And what does being assertive mean to you?
Does it mean exercising your rights all the time, every time?

Being assertive is not necessarily easy, but it is a skill that can be learned. Developing your assertiveness starts with a good understanding of who you are and a belief in the value you bring. When you have that, you have the basis of self-confidence.

Being assertive is a core communication skill.

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Assertiveness Stand Yourself Now!

Personal Development Guide

When you think of personal development, what comes to your mind?

Personal development is a lifelong process. It’s a way for people to assess their skills and qualities, consider their aims in life and set goals in order to realise and maximise their potential.

It is the conscious pursuit of personal growth by expanding self-awareness and knowledge and improving personal skills.

It involves the growth and enhancement of all aspects of the person, the feelings the person has about himself or herself, and their effectiveness in living. It includes the development of positive life skills and the development of a realistic and healthy self-esteem.

These life skills, skills necessary for successfully living a productive and satisfying life, generally fall into one of several categories: feeling about self, intimacy, family, friends, community, job, leisure, and spirituality. They include being able to recognize and describe one’s feelings, giving and receiving feedback, recognizing assumptions, setting realistic and attainable goals, and employing problem-solving strategies.

New Year is often a time for reflection and attempts at self improvement and Personal Development. If you’ve already broken all your resolutions for the New Year, then now is the perfect time to set yourself some more achievable goals to improve your professional and personal life.

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Excel Business Intelligence or Financial Modelling


This android app is for those who have attended the Excel course and is intended for revision or quick reference. Basic excel formula knowledge is required. However, you can take the challenge to try them!


In this lesson, you will learn:

■ How to integrate financial concepts with accessible but powerful Excel tools to facilitate greater analytical accuracy and rapid investment analysis
■ How to construct flexible and reusable models which can be applied to a wide range of different investment scenarios
■ And Understand how to interpret the results of the excel models to analyze the risks and returns of the investment projects
– it helps you better understand your assumptions and goals
– it helps you better understand your business’ pressure points
– it helps you to better understand your scaling cost structures
– it helps you to examine the realism of milestones and cash needs
– it gives you a working document to track and structure/focus for your business analytics
– it aligns the company business goals and sets expectations as to what needs to be accomplished
and duration it might take.
 To your success!

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Build Lasting Relationships

A careful study of relationships today among youths and adults shows that relationships hardly strive, but crashes before leaving the ground. The most responsible factor here is that some basic culture, ethics of relationships are not followed.
A healthy relationship can be one of the best ingredient to your life in your life. Good relationships improve your life in all aspects, strengthening your health, your mind and your
connections with others as well.

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On the same vein, it could be one of the greatest drains if the relationship is not working. We need to see relationships as investment; the more we add to it the more strong and productive it will be for us.

Love and relationships take work, commitment, and a willingness to adapt.

Everyone’s relationship is unique, and people come together for many different reasons. But there are some things that good relationships have in common.

Knowing the basic principles of healthy relationships helps keep them meaningful, fulfilling and exciting!

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Excel Business Intelligence – Free!

1412664723202_new_file headertop

In this lesson, you will learn:

■ How to integrate financial concepts with accessible but powerful Excel tools to facilitate greater analytical accuracy and rapid investment analysis
■ How to construct flexible and reusable models which can be applied to a wide range of different investment scenarios
■ And Understand how to interpret the results of the excel models to analyze the risks and returns of the investment projects

– it helps you better understand your assumptions and goals
– it helps you better understand your business’ pressure points
– it helps you to better understand your scaling cost structures
– it helps you to examine the realism of milestones and cash needs
– it gives you a working document to track and structure/focus for your business analytics
– it aligns the company business goals and sets expectations as to what needs to be accomplished
and duration it might take.

Class conducted by Master Trainer & Practitioner

Dr. Lim Thou Tin graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the National University of Singapore and holds double masters in Information Systems and knowledge management with further postgraduate qualifications in systems analysis, intelligent systems, marketing, management consulting and training.

Dr. Lim earned his Doctor of Business Administration degree from the Southern Cross University, Australia.
He is also a fellow member of American Academy of Financial Management.

His work experience includes working in large Singapore companies to MNCs in senior corporate, IT and project management positions. As a management consultant and practitioner, he has facilitated organizational initiatives/projects over a span of more than 15 years in the region, including Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, India, Indonesia, Thailand and China.

Dr Lim Thou Tin
CBIP Analytics

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