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Guide to Creative Thinking

How to have great creative ideas

Do you find yourself struggling to come up with new creative ideas?

Creative thinking is a skill – coming up with innovative new ideas is by no means easy.
Most people associate creativity with the arts like writing a novel, painting a picture, or composing music.

These are all creative endeavors, but not all creative thinkers are artists. Indeed, many jobs require a lot of creative thinking, despite having nothing to do with the arts.

Creativity simply means being able to come up with something new. If you can do that, not only can you enrich your own personal life, but you’ll have an advantage in whatever field you enter.

You just need to recognize your own creativity.

What is Creative Thinking?

Creative thinking means thinking about new things or thinking in new ways. It is “thinking outside the box.” Often, creativity in this sense involves what is called lateral thinking, or the ability to perceive patterns that are not obvious.

The fictional detective Sherlock Holmes used lateral thinking in one famous story when he realized that a dog not barking was an important clue in a murder case.

Creative people can devise new ways to carry out tasks, solve problems, and meet challenges. They bring a fresh and sometimes unorthodox perspective to their work and can help departments and organizations to move in more productive directions.

A definition of creative thinking is defined as a way to look at and solve problems from a different perspective, avoiding orthodox solutions and thinking outside the box.

This creative process allows you to explore connections, meet new challenges and seek solutions that are unusual, original and fresh.

Is it any wonder many employers seek candidates with creative thinking skills for many different jobs?

To your success

Mobile App Marketing Guide

A Simple Guide To Mobile App Marketing

Is there an idea bubbling in the back of your head for an app that just has to be created? But, then, perhaps you’re thinking, “why create an app just to enter a marketplace already crammed with over a million apps? Is it even possible to get your app noticed any more?”

In the past, just getting your app in the App Store or Google Play store meant it would be discovered and get downloads.

Fart apps were a gold mine. Fingerprint scanners were crushing the top charts. A flashlight app blew everyone’s mind!

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a tiny bit, but my point is that life was easy for app developers back then.

Now it’s a different ball game. The market is saturated. Quality is paramount and even if you do build a top quality mobile app there’s no guarantee it will be found.

Mobile app marketing isn’t an option any more, it’s absolutely essential.

The good news is there are mobile app marketing strategies that you can implement for free. And they can be super effective if done well.

The mobile app industry is booming, and since the one-million-app mark was reached in late 2011, the competition to get your app noticed in the marketplace is fierce. However, there is space for your app, and, if marketed correctly, your app can and will succeed.

No matter how successful you are at marketing your apps, the job is never done. The mobile app environment is dynamic and always changing. Your app marketing team should continuously meet and plan for future updates, changes, and ways to keep consumers engaged and loyal.

It is also important to establish a feedback loop with consumers to monitor and understand the changes in attitudes regarding your app and other competing apps.

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